Why Energy Reduction Matters


We use energy with almost everything we do today. Using energy for heating, air conditioning, lighting, charging cellphones and other equipment, and other facets of daily life not only costs money but also causes carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. These gasses contribute to a variety of changes in our climate that make our way of life and doing business increasingly difficult and costly. Some of the impacts of carbon emissions from energy on the planet include the following:

  • A reduction in the ability of forests and land surface to naturally manage the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, impacting our air quality.
  • Contributing to climate change due to the atmosphere absorbing more heat.

Industrial processes are one of the top three contributors of carbon emissions (along with electricity and transportation). By reducing our carbon footprint through better energy efficiency, we make a positive environmental impact by minimizing our potential impact on climate change.

The steps included in the plan can help you:

  • Reduce 5-30% of the energy used at your site.
  • Improve the operational efficiency of your site.
  • Create cost-saving opportunities for both Sodexo and our clients.
  • Add value to our partnerships with clients.
  • Enable clients to hit their energy, carbon or climate goals.

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