Throughout the Waste Reduction checklist, you’ll find links to online resources and downloadable materials to help you complete tasks. This list compiles all of them in one place so you can access anything you need quickly and easily.

Quick Links: Organic Waste Reduction Programs

Contact your RAM: US, Canada

EPA Food Recovery Challenge
Join the EPA's Food Recovery Challenge and pledge to improve your food management practices while competing for recognition and awards from the EPA. Use “Sodexo at <site-name>” as your team name for recognition

Find a Composter

Food Waste and Compost Handling Guidelines

Food Waste Hierarchy

Frontline Training TOPS Module - "Reducing Food Waste" (Log into Ingenium. Search 'TOPS Life Skills" and scroll to Sustainability - Reducing Food Waste Presentation and Leaders Guide)

Manual Food Waste Measurement Program

Operating Procedures for Grounds, Landscaping, and Sports Turf

ReFed Food Waste Policy Finder

ReFed Innovator Database

Sodexo Better Tomorrow 2025 Waste Presentation

Sodexo Food Management System

Sodexo SMART (tool)

Sodexo Team Meeting – Huddle Messages

Spill Center Brochure

STOP Hunger Program

Trayless Dining Resources

US Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions

WasteLESS Week Materials

WasteWatch by LeanPath
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Weigh the Waste

Quick Links: Non-Organic Waste Reduction Programs

Choose to Reuse: Reusable Container and Mug Program

Dispensing Equipment Resources

EPA WasteWise Program

Non-Organic Waste Hierarchy

Reusable/Recyclable Container Resources

Reusable/Recyclable Service Ware Resources

Sodexo Team Meeting Template

WasteLESS Week Materials